Monday, April 16, 2012

Boston wrinkle

Boston allows deferrals to 2013 due to heat (expected to be around 88F). From the Christian Science Monitor:

The Boston Athletic Association, the marathon organizer, allowed competitors to opt out of the race because of the heat and defer until next year. About 16 percent (or 4,290 runners) decided against competing, the BAA said. Race organizers recommended late last week that "only the fittest runners should consider participating" in the 26.2-mile course, and, in only the second time since the event began, gave registrants the opportunity to defer participation until 2013. The other time was in 2010, when several hundred European runners could not make the trip because of air travel delays caused by the erupting volcano in Iceland.

Okay, so heat is a major concern, especially if one has not trained in the heat, and since it is April, presumably many people are not trained well for heat, though it has been pretty warm since February. But this now impacts ME. How, might one say? Because I qualified for the 2012 Boston Marathon, but could not get in due to the new (and quite fair) roll down process that allowed faster qualifiers first dibs on the limited number of race slots. Based on the roll down for 2012, it looked like I could perhaps still get in for 2013, provided I run about a 3:22 or 3:23, or maybe even closer to the 3:25:00 max time for 45-49 age group. But now there are 4,290 runners already taking 2013 race slots, effectively reducing the slots available for bladerunners (those at the high end of qualifying times). Bollocks! I would bet money the folks who deferred were locals who didn't have to worry about plane ticket and hotel expenses lost at the last minute. Had I gotten a slot, I'd have run no matter what. I wouldn't have worried about finishing time, as I just want to go to the show, get photos and stuff, and knock it off the bucket list.

I guess I better run 3:20 or faster...