Thursday, March 24, 2011


One of my concerns after laying low for the December ice, was that January would be the same. It was. To make it worse, my back started giving me problems, which I made much worse while pick-axing my way through the ice to get to my front door. It was like mining. Six weeks later, and I feel I've just turned the corner. It still hurts a bit, but mostly in the morning, and I can at least put socks on while standing up. And I am trying to ramp my running back up. One thing I have found is that I have regressed my fitness level by a bunch. My running pace has slowed by a full minute. I am hoping this will bounce back and soon. My heart rate at a nine minute mile is what it was at an eight minute pace last November. I'd feel better about it if I had gained ten pounds (like I did a year ago). No, my weight is just a few pounds above my training weight from last summer.

When I have been able to get out to run (like once per week), I have at least gone between 7-10 miles, and felt okay. Mentally, I can't help but think, "How in the world did I qualify for Boston?" while I'm out running. I really have regressed. And I have a little more than two months to be ready for the Carmel Marathon. I don't know why I sign up for spring marathons. I must be some sort of an idiot. Every spring I go through this, and skipping a spring marathon last year was a smart call. But I signed up for this race last summer, just so I could get a low bib number (I really am an idiot)... Today I dropped my truck off somewhere so I can try to sell it. I ran home from the place, which was roughly seven miles. For some reason, by mile three, at a low effort, I felt like I was bonking - really. What the heck? I was just really tired, and was working way harder than I should. I had forgotten to bring my Suunto, so I didn't have HR data, though it had to be up. I just know I had periods where I wanted to walk - yes it was that bad, but I didn't, in part because I didn't want to be a pansy, and also because I simply wanted to get home. Somewhere about mile five I started to feel better, but I couldn't wait to get home.

So, my training is way behind, which means my spring race schedule will have to be gutted. I don't want to use my race "markers" on races for which I'm not ready. I want to race the Carmel Triathlon next month, but will have to see how well I get back in the groove. Sam Costa is a bust, as I am nowhere near ready for it. I am already signed up for the Geist mini. I'm just going to wait and see with the spring races.