Sunday, August 14, 2011

Tri Indy

I signed up for the duathlon (2 mi/20k/5k), and arrived a bit unprepared, as I had not picked up my race packet in advance, and left little time for prep. I was starting a bit fatigued, having been in the Cicero triathlon the day before, but primarily due to the CASA relay ride not much more than twelve hours prior. I rode about 38 miles in high heat and wind, didn't get much sleep, and was a bit fatigued.

Run #1 (2 mi) 14:47 31st
My legs weren't there, and I felt tired. I should have cut 45sec-1min off this. It was really humid, and I was already hot and soaked at mile 1. I just kept going as I thought about the course.

T1 1:14 41st


The Bike (20k) 34:54 19th 21.4mph avg

I just hammered the best I could. There were times I slowed down, but after being passed by people whom I had already passed sparked me back into the race. My legs were tired. The course was smooth most of the way.

T2 1:23 36th

Run #2 (5k) 24:40 20th 7:57 pace
I ran alone most of the way, though some people I passed were about a minute behind and appeared to be closing the gap. My goal was to avoid getting "chicked." The odd thing about this whole race was my inability to push my pace. My effort seemed high, but I could not get my heart rate beyond the bottom range of zone 4. My pain cave is in zone 5, and I can get mid-170s, just not today. Must have been the fatigue.

Result 1:16:58 1st in age group (m45-49)

I won my age group, and was 14th overall (131 total field). It worked out okay, though I should have been faster. Still, it's nearly six minutes faster than the last time I raced here.

Cicero Triathlon Race Report

I signed up for this race on a whim. I have not trained well for anything, as there have been too many work/life things that have kept me from any routine. Going into this race, I have not been swimming all year... I was shamed into signing up by some friends. Never mind that I had another event the same day, and two more on Sunday. I was riding a two-hour leg of a 24-hour relay Saturday, and another Sunday, with the Tri-Indy (duathlon) sandwiched in between. But this was a short race (.2 mi/9.5 mi/3.1 mi), so why not??

The race started in three waves: Wave 1 was men younger than 40, wave 2 was men older than 40, and wave 3 was all women. My goal this race was to simply not get "chicked" by the women starting 5 minutes behind me. Some may better my time, but I didn't want to get passed.

Overall, I think I had a decent performance.

The Swim (.2 mi) 7:49 128th 2:26 pace

Slow, as I expected. Not much to say, except training does actually help...

T1 1:48

I easily found my stuff, mainly due to my TMat Pro, with it's dayglo yellow color. I might have shaved 20-30 seconds, but that takes practice.

The Bike (9.5mi) 26:55 45th 21.2mph avg

I liked the course. It was smooth and fast and I was passing people the whole time (and was passed as well).

T2 1:05

The Run (3.1 mi) 22:53 57th 7:23 pace

I should have been faster on the run, but I had a stitch for about half of it, and didn't get into a groove until the last mile. I was then ready to hammer it over a longer distance, just too late.

Result 1:00:28

55/282 overall

13/33 in age group (m45-49)

I know I can shave time from this race. Next year...

And I didn't get "chicked."

Blacksnake Duathlon

I competed in the 26th annual Blacksnake Duathlon on July 16th. This was my third time here, and though this is about the smallest, no frills race I can find ($25), it's also one of my favorites. This used to be a three-race series, but low participation has cut it back to one race. The field is also smaller each time, and I wonder if there will be a 27th annual race.

It's a sprint duathlon, with a longer ride: 2mi/20mi/2.5mi. The run course is not scenic, but flat. The bike course is a bit hilly at first, but most of it is smooth, and very fast in sections. Being in the middle of nowhere, there is little traffic, and the traffic control (intersections) is excellent.

I went to this race not at all prepared, having barely ridden my bike this year. In fact, my training has been terrible, as it consists of getting a run when I can. I figured I'd just try to have fun. I thought I'd also try out my Gelbot again (it worked well). I thought my goal of beating last year's time of 1:30:57 was not realistic, but I'd give it a shot.

Run #1 13:18 (2 mi)

I went out steady and tried to keep an even pace. There were some fast people out there, but I found a couple of people to stick with. This was still tough, as I watched my heart rate tick into zone 5 during the second mile.

T1 0:53

The transition area is small, and I found that my Tmat Pro mat was muck better than the towel I had been using. It is smooth and easy to spot.

Bike 59:44 (20 mi)

I was hoping for a better time on the bike, but the wind was not in my favor. The northbound leg is generally very fast and you can really hammer on it, but wind (and lack of training) slowed me a bit. Still, I think it went okay.

T2 1:16

I was a little confused on the exit, but mainly due to being in a mental fog.

Run #2 17:10 (2.5 mi)

I was pretty much alone on the run. There were people ahead of me, but really far ahead, and there was no way I'd even be able to get close. And there wasn't anyone catching up to me. I settled into a pace and though I could have gone a little faster, lacked the will and motivation to enter the pain cave of a zone 5 sustained effort (redlining). I can't seem to be able to do this, unless I am chasing someone or a time. Given we all started at the same time, changing my speed wasn't going to change my position.

Results 1:32:19 2nd in AG

I still placed, and weeks later the official results still are not posted online. I suspect my field was very small...

Friday, August 5, 2011

Races and updates

I have been too busy to write anything lately, but I was in the Blacksnake duathlon a few weeks ago, and have yet to write a race report. I will say I was a little slower than last year (a minute I think), but I did get 2nd in my age group (the field was small).

I have a busy weekend, having signed up for three events: Saturday morning is the Cicero Triathlon (sprint), followed by a 24-hour cycling relay supporting CASA for Kids, and during that I am in the Tri-Indy (duathlon) Sunday morning (I am riding a two-hour leg Saturday and another on Sunday).

I'll post an update when I have a chance.