Sunday, April 17, 2011

Delayed Race Season

Well, today should have been the kickoff to my race season, but my light November, followed but a paltry December and January (ice), and then made worse with the back issues I had, meat racing today would have not only wasted my $, but burned a race marker. Further, I'd have just felt bad with the result, as my time would have merely confirmed what I already know. I was not prepared. I haven't been swimming or biking.

That said, the back thing is much better, and though not completely gone, doesn't seem to hinder me. What I do have is hip flexor issues, which extend into IT band issues. I think this is caused by the six mile daily walks at work, with huge clunky work boots. I have to stretch at work four or five times per day.

So, I have simply delayed the start of my season. I am signed up for a few races already, and will pick others as the calendar progresses. My revised list is this:

  • Energy2Action duathlon*
  • Energy2Action Time trial
  • **Geist mini-marathon (already signed up)
  • **Carmel Marathon (already signed up)
  • Blacksnake Duathlon*
  • Indianapolis Sprint triathlon
  • Energy2Action Time trial*
  • Energy2Action Time trial
  • Indianapolis Sprint triathlon*
  • Tri-Indy
  • Indianapolis Sprint triathlon*
  • Rev 3 Cedar Point 70.3 triathlon*
  • Fishers Triathlon*
  • Cancer Free Lungs 5k*
  • **Powerman Muncie duathlon 10k/60k/10k (already signed up)
  • Monumental Marathon*
I have to really look at being smarter with training. I have regressed a great deal, but and slowly getting back to feeling normal.

And lastly, I noticed the time revision impact for the 5-minute reduction in Boston qualifying times isn't five minutes, but 5:59. Bummer...