Monday, August 27, 2012

Eagle Creek Triathlon (Duathlon) Race Report

I ran the duathlon, as I was "defending my title", having been overall winner last year. My expectations were low, as I had not only failed to do any speed work, I had a brutal workout just two days prior. My legs were so smoked, it hurt to lay on my back, front, and sides; good thing too, had there been pain in any other position, it might have kept me awake. Sitting hurt too. The only pre-race actions that could have been worse would have been to pound tequila the night before, and have BBQ pork for breakfast.

The Race

We lined up, and there were many more people than last year.  And a couple of really fast-looking and young people up front...  I lined up and got ready for the start.  My legs were very tight, and though I had tried to loosen and stretch with a short, short run, it didn't help.

- Run #1 2mi 13:50 (6)

The run starts uphill for about 400m.  As I went up the hill, I realized two things: 1) I couldn't feel my legs.  It was like they were not there, or not mine. Damn workout. 2) the people ahead of me were flying.  I finished okay, though I should have been faster. Splits were 6:50 and 7:00.  The guys up front ran 10:50, 10:54.

- T1 1:14

- Bike 10mi 29:43 20.2mph (8)

Bike was uneventful, except it felt like my brakes were on the whole time.  In fact the rear was... There was a wheel alignment issue which had one shoe rubbing the whole time.

- T2 1:40 (18)

- Run #2 3mi 22:11 (7)

I hit it hard, though my mental pain meter was soft. Looking at my splits, my second mile I was a pansy, as the road was flat.  A woman passed me just before the last mile, and I sped up to hang with her.  Splits: 7:30, 8:00, 6:42.  Huge variation.

- Finish 1:08:39 (6) 1st in AG

Though I didn't defend my title, I won my age group, and was 6th overall. My time was better than last year as well.  If I would have had better legs, I think I could have had 3rd overall, but no better.  The guys up front were really fast runners.