Monday, September 10, 2012

It's Official - Ironman Wisconsin 2013

It's official.  I have signed up for Ironman Wisconsin 2013.  Registration opened at 1pm local time, and by 1:04 I was registered.  Good thing, because it sold out in a record time of nine hours  It’s official.  By the grace of God and hopefully good training, I will be ready for this adventure.  In addition, I plan to get a hair sample or some other token from my buddy Dave, who got me to sign up for this, so that I can make a voodoo doll of him to carry on the bike and during the run, so I can jam pins in it.  The venue is attractive for only two reasons: 1) It is within reasonable driving distance.  Transporting a bike is too expensive.  2) There is a possibility of cooler weather, though it can be hot.  The flip side is that this is a two-loop course…  I absolutely hate two-loop anything.  Until this year, the swim was two-loop.  Now it is a single.  But the bike and run are two-loop.  Worse, the run turnaround passes within 100 meters of the finish.  That hurts.  And to add to the suffering, the bike course is one of the most hilly and challenging of all of the IM bike courses.  But hey, this is about suffering, and on that front there will be no disappointment.

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