Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fishers Triathlon

This is my third time at this race, and I like it because it’s close to home, in a pool, and the roads are smooth.  There were some timing issues, as the first numbers reported weren’t even close (like, all swim times were sub-5min).  Those were corrected, though there are a few issues related to the location of the time hacks, as well as the overall time.  It seems the pool end wasn’t at the pool exit, but at the T1 entry.  And it didn’t take me a minute to get there.  I was passing people the entire race, in all three segments.  In fact, I was never passed by anyone.

The Swim  watch 11:09, official results 12:13

This was a time trial start, with people lined up based on what they reported their swim pace to be,  It never ceases to amaze me how people either don’t have a clue about their pace, or don’t think about a pace they can actually sustain for the course.  As I entered the pool area, about twenty minutes into the race, I already saw people doing the backstroke, pseudo sidestroke, and dog paddle, before reaching 150 meters.  Holy crap, way to think it through.  Somewhere around the 370m mark I saw a person in the next lane walking.  Yes walking.  Anyway, the swim was uneventful, if not slow.  I swam at the pace I expected; I hit my watch entering the pool, and split at the exit, so I was close to my 2:10/100m projection.  I should be faster, though not by much, as I have not been swimming much.  But I was satisfied with this.  I passed people the whole time, with only a few areas of congestion for me to break through.

T1 2:15, official results 1:47

I was slower than I should have been, as I was putting on socks.  Additionally, I was late arriving, and had a lousy position in the corral – it was first come, first serve, not line up by race number.

The Bike  watch 27:59 22.3 mph, official results 28:25

Uneventful, though I should have been faster.  Couldn’t generate the power I wanted, though I was passing people the entire time.  At one point in the first loop, a guy pulled in front of me and slowed down – to 10mph!  I yelled at him, “Hey, can I get by you please!”  He moved over.  I didn’t want to get a penalty for passing on the right or crossing the center line (there were cones at this point).  The road was smooth, and people were very courteous when they heard “On your left!”; well, except for the one guy.

T2  watch 1:14, official results 1:08

Used my new Zoot TT5.0 shoes.  Had a little trouble getting my left foot in.  I should have been 20 seconds faster here.

The Run   watch 20:50, official results 20:50

The first mile is mostly uphill, and as I got a cadence, things settled just a bit.  I was passing people the whole time, and as I approached the halfway point, spotted a guy to catch.  He was going about the same pace it seemed, and I had a rabbit.  I caught him at mile 2 and as I passed, he started dropping.  I called to him to hang on to me, which he did until the last 300 meters or so.  Entering the school parking lot, I saw another group of people to pass, which I did, and kept the pace to make sure nobody burned me in the last 50m.  Overall my run felt great, as I ran a pace I might have run on fresh legs.  Yes, I know, my legs shouldn’t have been too spent after a 10mi effort, but I found a decent breathing/pain threshold that I could sustain.  Had I upped the pain (a bunch), I am pretty sure I could have gone sub-20 on the 5k.

1 mi 7:39
1 mi 6:09
1.1 mi 7:02

Final  watch 1:03:25, official results: 1:04:23
5/35 AG
29/316 overall

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