Sunday, August 14, 2011

Cicero Triathlon Race Report

I signed up for this race on a whim. I have not trained well for anything, as there have been too many work/life things that have kept me from any routine. Going into this race, I have not been swimming all year... I was shamed into signing up by some friends. Never mind that I had another event the same day, and two more on Sunday. I was riding a two-hour leg of a 24-hour relay Saturday, and another Sunday, with the Tri-Indy (duathlon) sandwiched in between. But this was a short race (.2 mi/9.5 mi/3.1 mi), so why not??

The race started in three waves: Wave 1 was men younger than 40, wave 2 was men older than 40, and wave 3 was all women. My goal this race was to simply not get "chicked" by the women starting 5 minutes behind me. Some may better my time, but I didn't want to get passed.

Overall, I think I had a decent performance.

The Swim (.2 mi) 7:49 128th 2:26 pace

Slow, as I expected. Not much to say, except training does actually help...

T1 1:48

I easily found my stuff, mainly due to my TMat Pro, with it's dayglo yellow color. I might have shaved 20-30 seconds, but that takes practice.

The Bike (9.5mi) 26:55 45th 21.2mph avg

I liked the course. It was smooth and fast and I was passing people the whole time (and was passed as well).

T2 1:05

The Run (3.1 mi) 22:53 57th 7:23 pace

I should have been faster on the run, but I had a stitch for about half of it, and didn't get into a groove until the last mile. I was then ready to hammer it over a longer distance, just too late.

Result 1:00:28

55/282 overall

13/33 in age group (m45-49)

I know I can shave time from this race. Next year...

And I didn't get "chicked."

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