Thursday, January 24, 2008

Why am I doing this?

I volunteered for a project for The Wellness Community for a few reasons.

1) This endeavor is kind of a penance for me. With family and friends going through treatment, I didn't really understand how to help or even act. I think I stuck my head in the sand during everyone's treatments. This is an organization that helps people cope with cancer. My mother started going to The Wellness Community in Indianapolis after she moved to Indiana, and it wasn’t until I went to a meeting that I realized just how much I didn’t understand. I'm doing this in honor of them, and will wear their names during the run.

2) I have been pursuing activities outside of my comfort zone, and had been thinking about running a marathon this spring. The day I actually started looking at what event I might try, a newsletter for TWC arrived and had the Strides for Hope information inside. It really seemed a matter of fate. After researching it further, I learned it was a fundraiser, and so I thought about it for a month before making a decision. I was either going to run the Nashville, Louisville, or Big Sur marathon. Well, marathons and fundraising are way beyond my comfort zone, so I signed up. It’s for a good cause.

3) I thought it might be fun. Actually, I think it will be a blast!

Please consider making a financial contribution.

Your tax-deductible donations can be made securely online by going to secure online donation (select "Strides for Hope" and please reference my name in the form), or by check (payable to The Wellness Community). Or, click for other options.

Check contributions should be sent directly to:
The Wellness Community
8465 Keystone Crossing Suite 145
Indianapolis, IN 46240

(please reference my name in the memo).

I'm seeking commitments of $2 per mile or more, but appreciate any support you can provide. For $100 or more, I'll wear your name as a sponsor during the run.

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