Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fishers Tri race report

500m swim 10 mi ride, 3 mi run

Swim 10:34.4

I felt pretty good, and was catching and passing people. There were a few times, especially at the turnaround/lane change, where I had to either aggressively cut through people, or stop to get through the cluster of people. There were a few passes where I was worried about getting kicked in the face, but overall the swim went well for me. My time of 10:34.4 was 1:38.2 better than my 12:12.6 last year.

T1 1:38.6

Entering T1, I focused on being smooth and deliberate. Glasses on, helmet on, while wiping feet on towel. Socks and bike shoes on, race number belt on, grab bike and go. I was going to skip the socks, but I had a blister I got a week earlier. It was healing nicely, until I skipped the moleskin and tore it through. I hadn't noticed, until I finished the run and found a bloody sock and shoe. With more races coming, I need this to heal. So, moleskin and socks for now. T1 was 1:02.3 faster than my 2:40.9 last year.

Bike 27:04.7 (22.2 mph avg)

I blasted out of T-1 and proceeded to pass people the entire time. Two people passed me, one couldn't hold the pace and dropped back after I caught him again. As I approached T2, I took a little time (too much) to coast and get my feet out of my shoes; I was going to leave them in the pedals. I should have practiced this, but the area where I was coasting was congested and downhill, so I don't think there was much of a consequence. Overall, pretty uneventful, but I felt pretty good. My 27:04.7 was 57.7 seconds faster than my 28:02.4 last year, or .8 mph average faster.

T2 57.9

I quickly parked my bike, helmet and glasses off, shoes on and go. T2 was 57.9, 15.9 seconds faster than my 1:13.8 last year.

Run 21:03.2 (7.01.1/mi)

The first mile is uphill. I felt okay, but didn't think I was going very fast. I goofed up hitting the split button on my watch as I exited T2, so I really didn't know how fast or slow I was going. My goal was to push the pain threshold. This is a sprint, and I should have been in pain mode the whole time. I haven't trained for that, but I figured I'd push a bit on the bike, then hit the run hard. I was passing people the whole time (since I started late in the swim, there were many slower people on the course), and only one person passed me. As I passed a guy in the last 1/2 mile, he said, "God loves you." I waved and drove on. I continued to push hard, though I didn't redline like I should have. More work to do. Still, my 21:03.2 was 1:37 faster than last year's 22:40.2 (7:17.8/mi).

I finished in 1:01:18.9, which is 5:31 from last year's 1:06:49.9. This put me in 5/33 place in my age group and 43/380 overall.

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