Monday, September 26, 2011

No Boston Marathon for me

With the new registration process I still qualified, but slots were filled by fastest in age group. Given my qualifying time of 3:30:24 (which was 35 seconds from the qualifying cutoff), the registration cutoff ended up at 3:28:46. I missed getting in by 0:1:38. Under the new standards, for me to qualify again, I have to get 3:25:00 max, but it looks more like 3:20, to be on the bubble, and 3:14:59 for a sure thing. Then again, will everyone who qualified this time be able to reduce their times by 5-10 minutes? I don't think so. I might still have a chance at 3:24, the theory being the last two minutes of qualifiers got cut from registration, and the more stringent times will reduce the pool.

Yea, whatever. If I actually trained for these things I might actually get in. Maybe 2013, if I can get my act together in the next month. Powerman is this weekend, and then I have a month to work on speed. We shall see.

And just to clarify, I am not upset with being squeezed out by faster runners. It's only fair; they earned it.

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