Friday, June 1, 2012

Lawrence Triathlon Race Report

This is a very late race report, which I "wrote" (made notes) right after, but just have not had time to write about.

• Hot 95
• Worked in yard night before and all day before 4 pm race
• Beer at finish
• Course was good
• COLD water at aid stations was welcome
• Good prizes raffled at finish

- Swim 6:59 350yd 2:11/100

• Right on planned target
• Passed a few people
• Saw worst swim stroke ever

- T1 2:04

- Bike 34:25 11mi 19.2mph

• Not a bad two-loop course
• Excellent traffic control combined with closed roads

- T2 0:49

- Run 27;45 5k 8:58pace

• Meltdown: mind and legs not willing.  Sheesh, it’s only a 5k
• Hot
• Finish line 200yds from last turn was excellent location

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