Monday, February 11, 2008


I started my Strides for Hope campaign roughly three weeks ago, and while I have not finished soliciting everyone I intend to ask, I have been astounded by the positive response I have received so far. I not exactly comfortable asking for money, yet have received donations from many people. While I anticipated at least some level of support from friends and family, I didn't know what to expect. What really struck me was the number of significant contributions, not just from friends and family, but from former colleagues, neighbors, and others with whom I do not regularly interact. I am truly grateful to all of you who are helping. Your donations will help people who really need support in a difficult time. If this project helps raise awareness of the plight of others and the services offered by The Wellness Community, I have been successful.

I know I am more aware. Just three days ago, while in the grocery store, I ran into a guy who used to work for me, and had retired about five years ago. We talked for about twenty minutes, and I learned his retirement hasn't exactly gone as planned (does it for anyone?). After taking a couple of nice vacations, his wife learned she had cancer. She has since undergone many painful treatments and expects to have more. They were not aware of TWC, and I was able to pass information to him about it, what they do, and how it won't cost him anything. I'm hoping they try it out.

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