Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Is Anyone Reading This?

I told myself I wasn't going to write anything about the upcoming elections. This site is supposed to be about the fundraiser and training, but I think my daily trials may be a bit boring. Only two people have left comments. So, I'll comment on elections.

I am distressed by the field of candidates, and the shoehorning of McCain for the Republican Party by the press. Not that I liked anyone. In fact, the only person who had my attention was Fred Thompson, as he seems to be the only person who seems to recognize the U.S. Constitution. Okay, Ron Paul does too, but he's kind of a kook. Then there's Huckabee - I'm not a fan. Hillary and Obama: I don't like them. No, I don't agree with Obama on anything, and Hillary - the only thing I can say without expletives is that she scares me.

The MSM is pushing hard for McCain because conservatives don't like him - he's a conservative just slightly right of Nancy Pelosi. The press bashing on McCain won't begin until he is the official candidate, after which they will spin things to get conservatives to stay home on Election Day. I'm just not thinking about it until I really have to, because it is making me ill.

The real scare is what will happen with the congress. This is truly the elephant in the corner, and there has been zero focus on what will happen. My opinion? Throw the bums out. They are all alike. They may have had ideals when they were elected (a stretch), but over time they go native. Their penchant for spewing hot air (a cause for "global warming") is only exceeded by their insatiable appetite for our money.

What's missing? Leadership. None of the candidates are anything more than professional politicians. What's needed is real leadership. The kind that inspires people to do more, to do the right things. And a congress that respects the U.S. Constitution. Spending is out of control, and while many may disagree with military actions overseas, the expense is well within the domain of the federal government. Entitlements however, are not.

Walter Williams wrote an article for Constitution Day 2006. Here is an excerpt:
"Let's examine just a few statements by the framers to see just how much faith and allegiance today's Americans give to the U.S. Constitution. James Madison is the acknowledged father of the Constitution. In 1794, when Congress appropriated $15,000 for relief for French refugees who fled from insurrection in San Domingo (now Haiti) to Baltimore and Philadelphia, James Madison said disapprovingly, 'I cannot undertake to lay my finger on that article of the Constitution which granted a right to Congress of expending, on objects of benevolence, the money of their constituents.'"

I'm not one to say exercise your right to vote. Actually, I only advocate doing the research before you vote. This isn't a popularity contest. If you don't know anything about the candidates, STAY HOME on Election Day. Or ask me, and I'll tell you who to choose...

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Anonymous said...

The Pig Diaries are coming! The Pig Diaries are coming!

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul is not a Kook!! Just look at Gold, it's over $1000 per ounce! Blahahahaha!

johnadams said...

Ron Paul a kook??? Because he is the only one who respects the Constitution? Kooky idea really. If you stand by the ideals you stated in your blog you would support the Libertarian candidate - the only party that doesn't rewrite the Constitution for their own ends. Or stay home!