Friday, February 15, 2008


After coming off of a slow training week I was ready to hit it hard. Unfortunately the only thing hit hard was me. I felt a bit weak on my treadmill intervals on Tuesday morning, but I figured it was just reinforcing my desire to not have any more slow weeks. No, it was something else. By 7:30 am I was feeling worse, and I went home at noon and slept almost fifteen hours. I have had a fever since then, and thought aches, a headache, and a chest cough was enough. No, now the sinus thing begins. Not to be gross, but the stuff coming out of my sinus makes me feel bad for the Beakers who at some point in their early careers found they had to not only collect samples of the stuff, but study it as well. For the folks I was around on Tuesday (probably Monday too), sorry about the Typhoid Mary thing.

I'm blaming this on my recent trip. There was a woman opposite me in the aisle seat on my return flight, and she was coughing. Alot. At least she was (for the most part) burying her head in her arm as she did, but I felt using the overhead air nozzle, aimed to blow past my head and towards her, would help keep the germs back. Well, however I got sick, doesn't help me now. I think it's the flu, and though I thought I might have been better by today, find I will likely miss work again Friday. I'll lay in bed and cruise the horrible, horrible selection of daytime television options. There are programs that interest me, but I can only handle so much Mega-Oil Platform, or Mega-Ship-Rocket-How-It's-Built-under Dramatic Timeline show on Discovery Science or National Geographic channels. I'm getting cabin fever.

I just want to get back to work and working out. I feel like I have really fallen off the wagon and will be starting over again. The marathon is about ten weeks away, and I have lots to do before then.

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