Sunday, February 10, 2008

Slow Training Week

This has been a low intensity and low distance week for me, and I'm beginning to feel like Mr. Creosote. I ran less than 10 miles, and barely rode the bike. Two days of travel didn't exactly help either, nor did eating an entire box of Cheerios while I was in Mexico. With the lack of activity my left knee has actually started to hurt.

Speaking of knees, here's an actual training tip: Keep track of the mileage you put on your running shoes, along with their age. The impact-absorbing characteristics of running shoes deteriorate during not only from repeated pounding, but over time as well. I have just about 400 miles on my current shoes, and it's time to retire them. I would have earlier, but simply haven't taken the time to go get them.


Walt said...

Talk, talk, talk…… That’s all you Americans do. It’s always, “Let me tell you something and, “I just want to say this”… Well, last night I had a breakthrough. I decided to conduct a little exercise of my own. It was 4 AM, I was feeling kind of restless-couldn’t sleep. So I decided to shake this feeling of malaise once and for all. This cloud of melancholy had been raining on my parade for too long. Maybe I was inspired by your example. So I came up with my own modified exercise. A combination of a crawl,walk & sprint event I call….Refrigerator Drills! The objective of this exercise is to stealthily leave the confines of the barracks without awakening the wife and dog. And to return to the starting line undetected. Not as easy as it sounds. Last night I snuck up on the refrigerator undetected and captured the chocolate chip ice cream sentry as he stood guard. My time was 4:53. Tonight I’m going to try and beat that time… Intel reports a squad of crullers was last seen on the second shelf. I think I’ll take them out with some milk. Wish me luck. Walt

Gregg Pellicone said...

Sounds like you're following strategies developed thousands of years ago by Sun Tzu's lesser known sibling Sun Phat, titled The Art of Gluttony.

Anonymous said...

25 february 2008
3:22 a.m.
somewhere in enemy territory

help me. i am trying to hide but cannot seem to keep the enemy at bay. i am a box of pepperidge farm nantucket cookies. i'm currently stashing myself behind a box of ritz crackers. i have been steering clear of the nutella and anything that contains chocolate. i can't hold on much longer. Word has it from the animal crackers that the enemy took out an entire platoon of godiva chocolates an hour ago and depleted the freezer of its last klondike bar. this is crazy! where is he? i'm on the move again as i hear rummaging through the cabinet next to me. heading toward the shredded wheat. send help!!!!

Anonymous said...

You can run but you can not hide.
The only reason you have lasted this long is that I prefer Milanos over Nantuckets any day and twice on Sunday. You must have been procured on sale, you Pirouette Rolled Wafer wanna-be. There will be suffering and mashing of teeth. I see drowning in a tall glass of milk in your near future. It will be a slow and painful demise for sure...But I will devour you as soon as Gregg gets his act together. By the way, Bon Bons are for amateurs